We are very particular about who supplies the essential ingredients for our products. That’s why you may be surprised at just what it takes to make the grade...

We work hard to make sure that all our ingredients are sourced solely from suppliers who meet our strict quality criteria.

We use a quality prime cut of dicing beef that contains just 5% fat. By slow cooking the meat in a traditional way we produce rich gravy. This means that, depending on the recipe, we don’t need to use stocks  at all. This is also why we’ve been able to remove the flavour enhancer MSG from our products.

We also use fresh vegetables, wherever possible. Our target for 2015 is to review the sourcing of our ingredients and buy from local suppliers, wherever we can, or directly from the Fresh Produce Market.

A good example is our ‘best ever’ spinach, cheese and corn pie which with cheese sourced directly from an award-winning creamery called Clover.

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